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jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2015

Visita al terminal de pescados con grupo de taller

Becoming an architect demand a number of things. One is what practical you are with the distribution of your time. The life of an architecture student is not easy. Despite everything against must overcome is to clear your mind and keep lucid and to be ready for design. It's like saying that it´s our sacred temple that we must take care if required to do projects.

Two weeks ago when classes started, the architects made a presentation of the work would be done in the workshop. They explained the importance of being present and explore the spaces to facilities to know the projects we´ll make: Markets. We have been working since then to design markets. 

Yesterday early, at 6am. Our classroom went to the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo to the terminal of fish. This reminded me that as a child and even my teens I had gone to the docks to buy fresh fish meat. I lived 16 years in Chimbote, a city that has a fishing port. Years before it was the best in the world.

So yesterday we walked, we toured the site by recognizing its distribution, we took photos and we did a study for then to make a new project. A market made by an architect has to be different from others by working all together with the design.

We enjoyed ceviche before to return to the university. It´s was delicious. My favorite dish!

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