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miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015


Las razones de un cambio en mi vida que comenzó a inicios de mayo... ♥

Two years ago I was training on my own and occasionally I was going for 3 months to the ENERGYM, a gym close to the Kennedy Park in Miraflores, relatively close to where I lived.
So, at that time I was completely healthy and strong because I had more time to do things like these because I love to exercise. And I was at he gym for fun or only few hours per day, 3 times per week. I felt very well. My body didnot have problems.
I was going to train hard few hours per day and then I lost in my daily routine. I gained muscle mass and it looked good!!! ... But then, for reasons that I have always been prioritized my studies I left to train and ending my membership I just dedicated myself to run on Sundays. And so time passed... 
When suddenly one day this summer, being at my love´s home and when he hold me he felt I was hot, wich was very unusual. As these days we notice that I had to go to the doctor to see what happened. According to medical examinations my immune system had fallen because of stress and discouragement. And the number of the platelets in my blood was low to0. :(
We got scared thinking it was worse but I have found in my hobbies a good way to repair my inmulogical system and exactly 1 month ago I enrolled at the gym. At first I hesitated about taking a full membership because it cost a lot but seeing what he could accomplish in my body and my health, I did. And here I am feeling the changes in my body that is reflected in my health and mood.
From all this I can say that going to the gym or exercise must be our routine every week and better if we deal to do that every day :)

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