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viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2015


Do you know how special is for me to take pictures? ...Capture the best moments in my life? This is the story. 
When I started to study architecture all things about design, beauty and art began to like me. It´s incredible but I needed to learn how to design with photos more than I thought!

Years before I only took photos in moments without caring about shapes, lights, backgrounds or composition. It was funny! But the years passed and my penchant for the photography as a complementary course of my career increased! 

So, last month I recieved a gift from my parents: A beautiful camera CANON 70D, the best on the semi proffesional cameras. It´s was very necessary because we traveled to Cusco. I loved to take pics with my camera in different places, landscapes, buildings, cathedrals, etc. Then in Junín and Lima too.

Now I have entered to a course in my university: Fotografía Intermedia. I´ll learn more I know and I´ll show you the progress of this. :)


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