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miércoles, 8 de julio de 2015


Once upon a time, there was once a girl who grew excited about many things. She thought to reach and conquer the moon. Years after falling ill fruit she lost hope. Life was very hard for her, sometimes she was tired and weak to continue. She preferred exile to places she never knew, took refuge in it and in God, knowing that the unjust world in which she lived would never change. There are people who simply want the best of you, who wants it all for themselfs without giving much in return... And that child now is a Miss who follow her dreams because her heart never changed. And humbly she decided to do what she had planned for months, a new look and donation of her hair for girls with cancer. And now she's quite sure she knows.  

Seize every moment of people who are by your side, of which make you look at life differently from those who having you let you know by their actions how important you are in their lives. I hope that these wigs glad at least a little the lives of these girls.

Cómo crees que se ve ahora ella? Mi cabello está totalmente cambiado. Me veo diferente, pero por Dios, cómo dolió!!!

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