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lunes, 15 de junio de 2015


All my life I had heard that force must be used wisely. As a child and teenager I always regretted touch to force with someone, I preferred silence my response to avoid colliding with the idea of ​​someone else... I was taught to never use anger or force to obtain a positive result.

Today, with the passage of time and due to a series of experiences I noticed that if anything that this noble woman had changed was in fact to face reality, seeking answers where there are none and fight for what I want. Well, this woman today given that the world is changing is willing to also change her life too, focusing all her strength and energy on positive things like in the sports and what better to use boxing, a contact sport that help me know what is the limit of that strength that I think I have.

Years ago I remember well that some days my house in Chimbote became the "family ring". My brother fight againts my cousin and my 2 brothers among each other also. :D What's really funny is that there was a time where my younger brother received a beating from my sister, when suddenly he grew up and was the size of her and got higher and stronger than her that certain time he knocked her and they never used my dad´s boxing gloves again... :)

Years later, that is now, the eldest daughter of my dad, the girl that never used his strength to "confront" an opponent is willing to use force that has in this sport that helps to concentrate all the stress and concern that we have, in one goal: Bring down the opponent under using the rules and terms that are known in the sport. Ah! I'm excited because I started training about two months ago in an A1 gym: BODYTECH of what insurance I´ll speak later, but that I emphasized this gym is an A1 fitness center, therefore you can enroll and attend boxing and judo classes for free... so, here in the photos "I´ll only show you a small preview" ^.^

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  1. Hola, muy buena historia, ¿sigues practicando boxeo? Yo también lo practico y es un deporte en el cual encontré mi verdadera forma de desafiarme constantemente, lo irónico es que nunca me gustó el boxeo hasta cuando lo comencé a conocer de manera muy temerosa, pues tenía todos los estereotipos habidos y por haber en contra de el box. Total que mis ideas preconcebidas con respecto a este deporte se fueron diluyendo a medida que lo fui conociendo, ahora cada vez que puedo recomiendo su practica a quien sea 😁, que bueno que el box esté aportando cosas positivas en tu persona.